Understanding birthstones

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Understanding birthstones 

Everything  from living to inanimate has some special history ranging from origin and what they stand for. While human history has many versions depending on those who follow evolution and those who believe in the creation story of humans, there are other considerations for other creatures. However, the origin of some beliefs, customs and values are attributed to humans who have devised some methods they believe in. Birthstones are used as a representative for the months of the year and a special attribute is given to the days or months of birth hence the prefix birth. The value system of human societies has been defined in many ways and this ostensibly means somethings we believe in are actually coined by us; humans as a means of guiding our ways and means of living. 

From January to December, each birthstone has a special attribute and significance. Garnet which is a birthstone for January represents friendlies, emotional balance and prosperity and many people have had to associate themselves with this birthstone since they have the same attributes inculcated in them.

Amethyst which is birthstone for February is closely associated with Wisdom, prosperity and conform. These are attributes which those who believe in them have had to associate themselves with this birthstone. Those whose month of birth is February have had also to closely associate themselves with this birthstone and in some instance buying one for themselves. 

Well, the same goes for birthstones for the month of March, April, May, June, July, August and through to December. The value attributed to any particular birthstone however vary significantly depending on the placement of these stones on the precious metals scale of monetary and material value. While some would represent beauty like Emerald which is a birthstone for the month of May, other represent luck and greatness. Some birthstones also represent heaven and are used a protective emblems from curse or bad omen. 

What is interesting about the June birthstone is that there are actually three june birthstones.  No other month has three birthstones like the month of June.  Why there are three birthstones nobody really knows, but the moonstone, pearl and alexanderite are all very unique stones.  Especially the pearl as we know they are found in shells.  The way the develop is unlike any other stone.


The Polaris 9100 Sport Robotic

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The Polaris 9100 Sport Robotic

One of the most focused pool cleaning machines is the Polaris 9100 sport robotic .It is focused in such a way that it usually focuses on the pool floors walls and cove which are the most troublesome areas in the pool. This it achieves using the 2WD technology which enables focused clean up of the pool surface. Its agility notwithstanding, the machine is fitted using the vortex vacuum  technology making it have the maximum vacuum power and thus cleans effortlessly  without losing the suction ability .

The machines like all the Polaris designs are made with a lot of consideration on their transportation, its size allows effort less portability and can take very little storage space in the process. .It is an easy to install piece of art with plug in convenience and an enabled one touch operation .the machine is further made to be energy efficient like the other Polaris brands thus costs only a few pennies per day to operate when compared on the scale of consumption.

The machine which is suitable for use in all types of swimming pool surfaces is ideally designed for small to medium sized pools making it the most suitable domestic pool cleaning appliance. It is fitted with the best types of filter canisters making it to clean fast and efficiently while at the same time helps in the proper holding of the debris and the eventual disposal of the debris.

The appliance is sold at several retail outlets globally with several online shops offering the appliance at very competitive price ranges. The company gives the users of the appliance a two year user warranty which enables the buyer to enjoy the after sales services. These appliances are thus suitable for use in the domestic and other small pool setups but can be used for startup pool cleaning business ventures.

With the information available on the online Polaris website, the several prospective buyers are capable of making the best decision on the needs based on the cost implications and the availability of the required gadget at the time of the visit to the shop or other online outlet.



Best gift for June-Born

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Best gift for June-Born

From a pen to a helicopter you can make your loved person happy by gifting anything. Most of the time a gift item which costs a lot but may not melt the ice and that person is still mad at you. Most of the people fall for jewelry items as a reason of both its beauty and the meaning. In such situation you should consider a gift which has some historical myths and good luck charm type reputation. It’s because from the beginning, both men and women have the desirability on sensational vintage jewelry. If you want jewelry with a meaning then birthstone jewelry is best for you because several astrologers stated that some birthstones have supernatural powers. So, birthstone is something very interesting.

Wearing birthstone jewelries is a craze now and from pope to famous celebrities everyone is wearing birthstone jewelry. Birthstone jewelry is best used as special gift item. Are you looking for a special gift within your budget for your June-born girlfriend? June’s birthstone is the Pearl so June birthstone jewelry is the best choice for you because women are crazy about jewelries and when she will find out that you gave her birthstone jewelry she may never be angry at you for next 6 months.

There are so many online pearl jewelries such as pearl earring, ring, bracelet, locket, pendant etc. they are available in a wide range of color, design and price as well. An ancient Greek myth says that the goddess of love Aphrodite’s tears of joy got hardened and became pearls. Pearl means the gem of the sea because Aphrodite was born from the sea. There are some types of pearls available and they are – saltwater, freshwater, cultured or faux. Gold or silver is used as jewelry items from the beginning till now. As its common, almost every jewelry lover has gold or silver jewelry. In this century of fashionable outfits only a gold or silver jewelry is not enough to make you look unique in the party. 

Any person who loves gemstones will be attracted to this stone. So, your girlfriend will get complements in any party or get together she attends. Gold or silver is common jewelry items from the beginning till now. In this century of fashionable outfits only a gold or silver jewelry is not enough for a unique look in the party.



Robotic Pool Cleaners Made in China

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Robotic Pool Cleaners Made in China

Like all the advancements being witnessed in there global circle at the present, the Chinese companies have not been left behind in the making of some of the most widely used robotic pool cleaners globally. The developments in the Chinese companies are precipitated by several factors in the Chinese economy which include:

The growth of urban population-in the recent past, China has seen a tremendous growth in the urban centers which has in turn seen the rise in the increased use of swimming pools. The need for cleaner pools has given rise to the increase in research and development of better technologies to make the pools clean.

The rise of an affluent Chinese group-with the rise in the Chinese economic growth, there has been an increase in very highly wealthy individuals in china who have in turn increased the need for better and cleaner pools for their relaxation. This group have the financial muscle to buy and maintain the pool cleaning equipments if need be, but mostly employ the services of pool cleaners who must therefore have good cleaning equipments.

Government incentives-the Chinese government has been involved in the development of technology. Most Chinese industries are thus given good incentives through well planned government policies which are meant to spur economic growth. This has led to an increase in the number of robotic pool cleaning equipments coming from China.

Availability of ready market-the large population in China as well as a large group of super rich individuals in China has made the growth of the robotic technology to be at its fastest pace because they provide a ready market for the equipments. The forces of market demand and supply are thus favorable in China.

Cheap labor-with the largest population globally China has an unmatched potential for cheap labor which is both skilled and unskilled leading to the developments in technology.

All these factors can be supported by the fact that it is in china where we have the 2014 new arrival automatic intelligent robot vacuum cleaner a product of  Shenzhen Yushengchang technology company limited, one of the most active and innovative Chinese companies whose machines are also known globally for their strength and quality.

There are several robotic pool cleaners from China which one can sample and test, it is usually the user who has the liberty of choice on what to use.



Why birthstone: beauty or myth?

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Why birthstone: beauty or myth?

Birthstones are special gemstones connected with 12 Zodiac signs and each month of the year. Each of the Birthstone has one of the twelve individual Zodiac signs which also represents twelve calendar months. From the beginning they were used as jewelry items but they also have position in science, history and mythology. There are rocks, gemstones, minerals and they all come from the same source then why is gemstone special and precious?

Minerals are naturally produced inorganic (not alive) materials. Its atoms are positioned in an ordinary crystalline outline. A rock is made of one or more minerals. Gemstones are member of a mineral subgroup. They are comparatively more clear, rare and attractive than others. The rarest gem becomes the expensive one for example diamonds, rubies, emeralds and original pearls.

The first involvement of specific gemstones with all 12 month was stated in the bible. It says that Moses was ordered to make a breastplate for the high priest which had 12 birthstones on it. On the shield, three stones were placed in each four rows to symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. In Revelation, the last part of the Bible, St. John revealed the truth. He stated that the New Jerusalem has 12 beautiful gemstones laid in its foundation.

Ancient people tried to collect all the stones and as time passed they made their own stories regarding the stones they have. Ancient Babylonians and Indians both believed that specific gemstone carries extraordinary and amazing supernatural powers. So, if you think you are having a bad time because whatever happens it doesn’t happen in your favor or whatever you do you get the result you don’t deserve then you can try birthstones as they are connected with you from your birth. It is believed that they have control on the wearer’s luck.

Except the magical myths these gems are very fashionable. No matter what party you are joining tonight a birthstone ring, earring or bracelet will be a good choice. To know more or just buy one you can search online for that jewelry which has your birthstone on it. As there are a lot of online birthstone jewelry providers why go out to choose one.



positioned for social provisioning

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The issue of development is so tied to life that it must be consistently reexamined. Development is about the qualitative and quantitative improvement in the material, social and emotional condition of human existence, which is measured by life expectancy, adult literacy, access to education, as well as people’s average income. Comprehensively, the notion of development must incorporate all aspects of individual well-being, from their health status to their economic and political freedom(2), and also factors such as labor, physical capital, and technology (including improvements in efficiency)(3). However, in the former, many countries are not positioned for social provisioning and are incapable of satisfying their citizens.

If we have to recapitulate history, it is discernible that countries that made up the international system are often dissected into two distinct categories: developed and developing, rich and poor, industrialized and non-industrialized, the North and South, the haves and have-nots, all this in a bid to depict levels of progress attained by these countries. One most important factor in this categorization is that, it tends to show the inherent inequality and disparity in the global economy. And no matter how one wants to refer to them, nations within the South are poor, unindustrialized, underdeveloped and have remained dominated and subjugated in all sense, especially in the political and economic sphere, whereas, nations in the North have remain wealthy and developed at the expense of the South.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo on the one hand, has raised epistemically many questions and has prompted the need to address the inherent inequality and disparities between the wealthy North and the developing countries of the South. And, on the other hand, emerging issues and trends such as   “globalization”, “win-win       development”, “economic       interdependence”, “sustainable

development”, “development cooperation” and as well the new actors and players (emerging Economies) within the system are beginning to shape and reshape the development landscape by injecting new methods and thinking about reevaluating and restructuring of the global economy in ways that will Gran muralla y su historia bring about win-win development and mutual benefits.

However, the question thus is, how do we eradicate poverty? Are the developed countries ready to dislodge inequality, discrimination, subjugation of the developing nations or to put it differently, are they ready to work in concerted efforts towards a global economy predicated on sustainability, win-win development, and equality? Is underdevelopment an inherent social condition or the result of structural distortion from within the system? Hence, the focus of our discourse in this paper is to seek answers to the above questions, while advocating a paradigm shift leading to a creation of a global economy that will guarantee development, eradicate poverty, and give room for equality and winwin development.


Pentair automatic pool cleaning machines

If there is a company reputed for the manufacture of quality pressure and robotic pool cleaners, then the name Pentair comes into mention. With several years in the pool cleaning trade, the Pentair group specializes in the making of the most innovative and highly automated pool cleaners with the best mix of cost and technology. The Pentair products are considered to take into consideration all the economic and physical considerations when it comes to the operation of the pools. This they do by reducing the number of attached accessories necessary for the operation of its machines.

By making both robotic and pressure cleaners, the Pentair group has managed to remain relevant in the pool cleaning product manufacture industry by always learning market trends and innovatively making products to match the emerging demand. The company has thus specialized in the making of filters, pumps, water heating systems, water valves, water sanitizers, pool lighting systems. All this is meant to provide their clients with an unforgettable pool experience.

The Pentair robotic and pressure automatic pool cleaners are also praised for their superior operation a characteristic that sets them aside from the products from other companies making the same kinds of products. This is mostly because the Pentair product ranges are made basically with the customer in mind. Unlike other pool cleaning machines known for their exorbitant costs, the Pentair brand products are known for their quality at relatively lower prices

The Pentair group is also actively involved in ensuring that the customer has quality access to after sales service, which they do in several ways through replacements of parts  the pool  cleaning machines, giving customers rebates, product recalls, product registration services and giving the relevant product warnings.

The Pentair group also concerns itself with the making of environmentally friendly products meant to conserve the environment of the pool. In this regard the sanitizer making line ensures that the water sanitization does not introduce harmful chemicals into the pool.

Based on the information from the Pentair group on several aspects of its business, the customer is safe using the Pentair products in several aspects of pool cleaning business.


Hayward tiger shark QCRC 9990GR-reviews


Pool cleaning has never been revolutionized save for the invention of the of the Hayward tiger shark QCRC 9990GR swimming pool robotic cleaner with.

Where is it made?

The Hayward tiger shark robotic cleaner is a product of the Hayward equipment manufacturers in the United States boasting of providing innovative solutions to all equipment needs. The company equipments target both the local and overseas and are designed with the resilience needed in pool cleaning services. Hayward pool services has a wide dealership base who are all professionally oriented


The robotic cleaner is ideally designed with a quick clean technology aimed at easily cleaning the pool .The equipments effectiveness is supported by a powerful on board pump which is able to suck up dirt and other debris from the pool wall and floor .this pool cleaner has the ability to serve residential pools but can also clean larger pools given its 55 feet long horse cable for ease of navigation.

How much does it cost?

The Hayward robotic shark pool cleaner is priced at a relatively high price compared to the other robotic cleaners of the same type and scope. Most customers who have come into contact with it though have praised it and said it is the most innovative product worth the price. Because most pool cleaning machines are bought with extra accessories, the cost of maintaining the machine then goes very high.

Is it the most effective?

Visiting the several reviews by the other customers’ leaves one with the impression that the hay ward tiger shark robotic pool cleaner is the number one pool cleaner. Several customers even said that the other cleaners were unfinished products while the hay ward. Though the product seems to be effective from customer comments, one has to shop for equally designed machine. Though chlorine in its raw form is of negative effects to the skin when in large amounts, most of these salt sanitizers become part of what is referred to as dissolved solids.


Hayward tiger shark QCRC 9990GR robotic swimming pool cleaner is found to be effective both in consumption where it is praised as the most fuel efficient. So many pool cleaning machine models are found in the market, it is important to choose what is within your economic range.





Meaning of all birthstones by month

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Meaning of all birthstones by month

No matter what the beginning was, it’s very interesting about the idea of birthstones that you have a special gem connected with the month you were born. In fact, if you dig into the myths and legends of each stone it only gets more fun every time you think about them. One of the popular myths says; whatever your problem is if you think they are happening because of your bad luck then you can try birthstones as they have a reputation of being one’s lucky charm. In the ancient times Astrologers recognized mystic powers of certain gems. You don’t believe it right? There’s no problem to give it a try. If you are interested then let’s dig into the meaning of birthstones by month.

January’s birthstone, the garnet, it keeps the owner safe while travelling.

February’s birthstone, the amethyst, makes relationship strong and gives its owner courage.

March’s birthstone, the aquamarine, is considered to cure heart, stomach and liver diseases.

April’s birthstone, the diamond is a symbol of eternal love.

May’s birthstone, the emerald, is connected with love, rebirth and fertility.

June’s birthstone, the pearl, is a sign of purity.

July’s birthstone, the ruby, is supposed to protect its owner from evil.

August’s birthstone, the peridot, represents strength and if set with gold, this gem protects the owner from nightmares.

September’s birthstone, the sapphire, guards against poisoning and evil. It also symbolizes wisdom and purity.

October’s birthstone, the opal, represents self-confidence and faithfulness. People wore necklaces with opal stones in them to protect eyesight and to keep away evil.

November’s birthstone, the topaz, signifies affection and love. It is thought to give the owner better mind and strength.

December’s birthstone, turquoise, is considered as a love charm. It relaxes mind and protects its owner from harm. It’s also a sign of good luck and success.

The inclusions may appear as feathers, silk fibers, needles, veils and clouds. In clearer stones, it sometimes resembles an internal fingerprint impression. Some sapphires feature an asteriated or a star effect. This occurs because of light reflections from numerous microscopic needle-shaped inclusions within the precious gem.

Now you know the meaning of every single birthstone. Every stone has its own advantages. People from ancient times believed in the meanings and they had their birthstones on all of their jewelries to get all the benefit it provides.




Peridot Gemstone: History and Features

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Peridot Gemstone: History and Features


The Peridot gemstone was called “the gem of the sun” and is the national gem of Egypt. It was excavated for more than 3000 years on the St. John’s Island. This mining site was re-discovered in 1905 after remaining a mystery for several centuries. In the 19th century, Peridot worth millions of dollarswas mined in the Zabargad Island.The excavation operations reached its peak after 1905 but tapered off to almost nothing by the late 1930’s. The Peridot mines were nationalized in 1958 when the operations came to a complete standstill.Specimens of the St. Johns Peridot still appear in the gem markets but it is not known if they are new or old items. Europeans purchased the gem in the middle ages back from the Crusades. The gems adorned robes and church plates. The gem was also known in ancient Hebrew. A reference to Peridot can be found in the text of Revelations and is listed as one of the gems used by Aaron. Itis referred to as “an evening Emerald” because it features a brilliant green color under artificial light. A Peridot gem of 2 or 3 carats can be very expensive.A gem beyond 8 carats is very rare and is usually kept as collectors’ item.


Peridot is an Olivine mineral and very rich in magnesium.They normally come in smaller sizes, though large clear stones are sometimes cut. It can be faceted into numerous cuts and commonly used in earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.Synthetic Peridots are not very popular and most gems in the market have natural hue, tone and saturation.It is not as expensive as other gems but it is very difficult to mine or manufacture. The olive green color type is a more valuable specimen compared to the yellow-brown and yellow-green types. Peridot is a magnesium iron mineral that occasionally has traces of chromium and nickel in it. The beautiful green hue of the gem comes from chromium. It is also called “olivine” and it comes only in an olive green color. The features and color of a Peridot gem are closely associated with the Chrysolite mineral. The gemstone weathers very easily, hence it is not suitable for everyday wear jewelry like rings.